Internationales Symposium zu Microstructural Control in Free-Radical Polymerization

The symposium Microstructural Control in Free-Radical Polymerization will be held at the Clausthal University of Technology, Germany, from Sunday evening (October 5, 2008) until Wednesday (October 8, 2008). The focus of the European Graduate School (EGS) – organizer – is on research and graduate education covering all modern aspects and cutting-edge topics of radical polymerization.

Since its starting point in the year 2000, the EGS has become an internationally recognized center of frontier research into fundamental and application-oriented aspects of radical polymerization. The research aspects focus on controlled radical polymerization which offers a large potential for the design of polymeric materials with particular microstructure. A wide variety of free-radical polymerization reactions is studied in homogeneous phase, in suspension, in mini-emulsion, and in emulsion. Elementary steps of free-radical homo- and copolymerization are studied in great detail with particular interest in diffusion-controlled steps. Also addressed are aspects of reaction engineering, including polymerization in specialty solvents (e.g., in supercritical CO2 and in ionic liquids), modeling of polymerization kinetics, and polymer characterization.

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