TIRES: Road and Vehicle Interaction

Im Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V. findet am 8. Mai 2009 der 3. Dresdner Workshop statt. Diesjähriges Thema ist „TIRES: Road and Vehicle Interaction“. Es kommen Experten aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen zusammen.

The tire, itself a complex and innovative structure, has interaction in two ways. Firstly, the tire\’s structural behaviour is strongly influenced by the features of the contact surface and the pavement. Secondly, the vehicle\’s dynamical characteristics influence the tire and vice versa. Moreover, the three contributing partners are coupled to a complex pavement – tire – vehicle system.

The latest findings will be discussed in this one-day event which aims to bring together experts with extensive experience in research, development, management and education in order to discuss innovative approaches and perspectives. The workshop addresses members in research, development and managing positions of tire and automotive industries as well as manufacturers of corresponding tire raw materials.

The workshop will be held in English according to the composition of the group of participants. Flyer >

Die Teilnahmegebühr beträgt 200,- €.  WIP-Mitglieder erhalten 5 % Rabatt.